Church on the Green


The Promise

When we follow the footsteps of Jesus

We are walking in truth and in love

We are treading the highway to Heaven

With a promise He's given to us


Its a promise that cannot be broken

It was given to us in the name

Of the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour

Who died for our sin and our shame


And the promise is life ever after

In the Kingdom of God upon on high

Its the promise of our Lord and Master

That His children will never die


Christian Alphabet

C is for Christ Jesus who was so cruelly slain
H is for thr Holy One who died and rose again
R is for remembering the corss on Calvary
I is for I believe he died for me
S is for Him Suffering the nails they hammered in
T is for thank you Lord for cleansing us from sin

I is for I idolise my Saviour and my King
S is for salvation which only comes through Him

L is for the Lord of Lords

so we cannot forget that
O and
R and
D complete the christian alphabet

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